LED Retrofitting

Retrofit LED lighting is the new solution to your building and road front signs, lot lights, site lighting and business lighting. Not only do you receive a five-year manufacturer’s parts warranty for your sign, but it also saves you money by lasting three times longer and saving 70% of your power. LED Retrofitting is better for the environment and will result in huge savings on your power bill and service costs alike.

How could Retrofit LED lighting change your signs?

ImagePro Signs & Lighting is now providing the opportunity for Retro-fit LED lighting. This new form of lighting saves you money, comes with a warranty and has a simplified installation.


LED Retrofitting from ImagePro Signs & Lighting could help you reduce service costs exponentially and lasts three times longer reducing your need to replace lighting so frequently. LED Retrofit signs and lighting use 70% less power than previous sign types, which saves you money on your power bill.


With your Retrofit LED lighting or sign from ImagePro Signs & Lighting, you receive a manufacturer's parts warranty for up to five years after purchase, saving you money on service costs.


Since LED Retrofit signs and lighting save you 70% on your power, leading to huge savings.


LED Retrofit lights and signs last up to three times as long as conventional lighting, saving money and resulting in less servicing and less damage to the environment.


LED Retrofitting lasts three times longer and uses less power than conventional signs and lighting, therefore has less of a negative effect on the environment. Signs and lighting have to be replaced less often and old lighting isn't placed in landfills as often.

ImagePro Signs & Lighting is the only call you need to make for all kinds of business signs.

We are only one of a few distributors offering NO EXTERNAL BALLAST/DRIVER 120/270VAC LED BULBS! Built in power supplies for the same cost as other LED bulbs with NO BALLAST/DRIVER cost or configurations! 5 Year Warranty